ZAR014 - Experi Mental EP - Steve Massive & Enrico Lantis  release on 15.04.2016

ZAR013 - Harmonic Vibrations EP by Pat k.P. Released soon 06.11.2015

ZAR012 Pilar EP - Mimanos, Lee'n'Effe, Steve Massive Released 31.10.2013

ZAR011 Leon Noliv - Summer in San Francisco EP, Released 21.06.2013

ZAR009  Steve Massive, Lee'n'Effe, Mimanos - Machine in my head E.P.

Release Date: 11.05.2013


ZAR008  ZAR-AZA Compinations E.P.

Soon the new release  ba ZAR-AZA ( Leon Noliv & Steve Massive)

Release Date: 26.02.2013

Adriano Assanti Gironda:

I was born in Naples in 1951 I played drums until 1980, finally abandoning the instrument, taken from time to time just for the sake of music.But in recent years I have wanted to try other things, completely different from what I had always done.And here's my little result.These songs, so if you can call electronic music has been composed with analog instruments samplers 70 years old and with an apple he still with old floppy disk with one of the first cubase.I plugged in all midi keyboards and samplers and I started almost as if it were live.Therefore impossible to repeat.The reference asteroid is clear ......Morse that I championed by radio, without knowing the alphabet .... but only because the sound or effect that emanates is sensational.1978 with a single keyboard and a vintage microfno that recorded the fireworks Aug. 15 .... my feet and my voice! 

Leon Noliv …Once upon a blue moon… E.P.

Leon introduces his first solo ep on his Zaraza records, after two years of silence and a new palette of analog sounds that are gonna shake asses on the floor! Once upon a blue moon is a solid pack of three deep tunes, that go from cool club tracks to experimental cuts representing audio images of human nature.

SOL DIESIS: shuffled drumlines along vintage synthlines and a chunky fat bassline make this track the meanest production of this e.p. a true dancefloor mover.

BLUEMOON: good club tune full of energy and groove but still very deep and spacey. Jazzy yet melodic synthlines and panned bassline, along a great percussion work bluemoon spaces from techyhouse to techno and deep without bringing it over the top.

SLEEP SOUND SEGMENT: Leon brings his audio visions into unexplored territories bringing the most experimental track out of his repertoire. Sleep sound segment is a audio interpretation of human sleep.

Zaraza Records, in collaboration with Baseware is happy to announce that soon will be present on Beatport, major digital music store!

To celebrate the event, a new release by Steve Massive called " Tobymanero" EP is ready to be released very soon!!

Stay tuned!